Dental Caries/ Tooth Decay Mechanisms and Oral Health in Balance....

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Dental Caries/ Tooth Decay Mechanisms and Oral Health in Balance....

The fact that dental caries/ tooth decay can be healed cavities in 3 steps:
Tooth Remineralization = Tooth Demineralization
You can heal cavities( Dental Caries/ Tooth Decay ) in 3 steps: as follows

+ Optimize Your Diet- Diet for Tooth Remineralization
Our ancestors did not live on the highly processed diet we eat today. Beyond the potentially toxic additives, they did not consume nearly as many simple carbohydrates as we do now. Even the agricultural revolution is relatively recent in terms of how long Home Sapiens (these bodies) have been living and reproducing on the planet.

Put plainly, our bodies aren’t built to handle the food most of us eat today.

+ Practice Good Oral Hygiene- Oral Hygiene & Tooth Remineralization
The benefit of good dental hygiene is reduced demineralization. Slowing down the loss of calcium and other hard materials from your teeth is important, but brushing and flossing will do nothing to remineralize teeth alone.

+ Use Remineralization Promoters- Boosting Remineralization
Body chemistry is a complex and wonderful thing.

The more we learn about the truths behind health issues, the more effective our solutions become. And now that the real causes of tooth decay are becoming known, at home remineralization remedies and commercial remineralization products are becoming more popular.

But beware:

Never mistake them as substitutes! If your diet is wrong, no “cavity-reversing serum” is going to prevent your teeth from absorbing the harmful substances in your mouth—and demineralizing because of it.

Still, here are some things you can try:

Remineralization Agents....
These solutions will help raise the amount of remineralization minerals in your mouth.

CPP-ACP is the acronym for casein phosphopeptides and amorphous calcium phosphate together that have formed a molecular complex. It comes from casein, that milk protein we mentioned earlier.

Essentially, CPP-ACP contains both the calcium and phosphate your teeth need to remineralize. What’s more, CPP-ACP holds these minerals in forms that your teeth can absorb easily. Even the plaque colonies in your mouth absorb it easily, calcifying and rendering them inert.

These steps are listed in order of importance, though best results will be achieved with all three in balance.

Genetics play less of a role in tooth decay than was thought in decades past, but it does still factor in. All bodies are different and our mouths are no exception. Environmental factors also play a part.

Your remineralization routine may look different from the next person’s, but the steps—and their order—will always remain the same.


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