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RE-ER Advanced Tattoo AfterCare of Thailand

RE-ER is a novelty in the field of herbal medicine, traditional recipe' from Thai ancient texts of the lost. It derives from the flexibility of traditional medicine with modern scientific concepts, that can be merged together perfectly. Thai natural oils contain nature's plant oils and alcohol free, pure essential oils and organic botanical infusions, which are easily absorbed, moisturizing and nourishing. It’s called “ Arocospeutic “, that combines the properties of the Thai Aromatic Herbs, Natural Sustainable Cosmetic and Therapeutic which are integrated into one.

Advance Intense Care

Rich in Essential fatty acid, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamin A, D, E, Lecithin & a waxy substance that mimics collagen which need to recovery, revive, relax and rejuvenate the skin, all tattoo skin & eyebrow tattoos.

Also, Turmeric, Clove, 100 % Natural Sunscreens & Natural Antioxidants can promote skin cell health and regeneration of skin cells and protect on the skin together seamlessly.

Advantages of Wound 
Bed Preparation 
& Moist Wound Healing Concept:

+ Incredible color retention
+ No scabbing
+ No scarring
+ Minimal ink loss
+ Faster rehability
+ Comfortable feeling in life style
+ It's ideal & absolute tattoo healing.

"Solving correctly ....The results will be accurate."
Indication: Moisturizes, nourishes and maintains moistened 
environment on Tattoo Skin for the absolute process of new tattoo.

Liquid Castile Soap

Liquid Castile Soap for Cleansing Care  is a natural soap made from extra virgin olive oil in major. 

This product shun the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a chemical which primary function is to foam up found in 90% of personal care products. Due to RE-ER Liquid Castile Soap’s natural ingredients and chemical-free formulation, It don’t lather well. Honey and high amount of glycerin in our product provides moisture to your skin. Allowing your skin to be hydrated with every use that is in accordance with the Concept of " Moist Wound Healing ". Aside from its super natural formulation, one of the biggest reasons to use castile soap is due to its versatility with important nutrients, natural sunscreens, powerful natural antioxidants and beeswax that provide natural hydrolipid barrier. So it cleans, moisturize and protect your skin in the same time. It’s also hypoallergenic, deeply nourishing and ultra-gentle, so that you can use it to care with confidence. However, liquid castile can produce a high-foaming lather without the health risks, thanks to its rich oil content. The potassium hydroxide converts the vegetable oils into soap and glycerin, meaning you’ll require less water for a lather than with traditional liquid soap. 


“No preservatives, No artificial colors and No synthetic fragrances.”
Advance After Care

Rich in Essential fatty acid, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamin A, D, E, Lecithin & a waxy substance that mimics collagen from Wheat Germ Oil Cold-pressed, Moringa & Avocado Oil Cold-pressed which need to recovery, revive, relax and rejuvenate the skin.
Also, concentrated 100 % Natural Sunscreens from Red Raspberry and Natural Antioxidants can prevent
Photodamage, Solar Elastosis & Tattoo-ink breakdown from UV Radiation which can protect on the skin extremely well together.


Sunscreen, Antioxidant, Moisturizes, nourishes and maintains moistened environment on Tattoo Skin for the absolute process of tattoo procedure.
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