How to Care for a New Tattoo

This is the steps that you should have followed, and by far, is the ULTIMATE, MOST SUPERIOR METHOD of healing tattoos that you absolutely MUST USE if you are trying to heal big huge work like sleeves or long session work covering alot of skin, particularly full color stuff.

1) Allow tattoo to stay in original bandage for at least 5 hours. Immediately at 5 hours, remove wrap and dressing, and shower in indirect lukewarm water, using very mild soap [pure & natural soap without chemical and synthetic substances]. What is important is NOT the brand, but ensuring you are extra careful to clean the area throughly of dried blood, ooze, tattoo ink and plasma. Pat dry the tattoo area with a clean, fresh towel only, one that is specifically used ONLY for the tattoo area and not the rest of your body.

2) Gently rub moist exposed tattoo ointment or RE-ER on fresh wound approx. 4-5 times a day and allow to AIR BREATHE or OXYGEN for the tattoo skin.

3) Wash tattoo with liquid castile soap [pure & natural soap without chemical and synthetic substances] once in morning, indirect water and then once at night

4) None of the obvious exposure to prolonged soaking and avoid sunlight..

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