New Perspective in Oral/ Dental Health Care to Balance & no Impact on Whole Body Wellness
RE - ER Genuine Prebiotic ToothPaste/ All Natural Dentifrice
for bacterial balance in oral cavity: The key to oral health care in the 21th century
& Full Mouth Rehabilitation.... RE - ER Prebiotic ToothPaste/ Natural ToothPaste in Ideal
This formulation is all natural, prebiotic & probiotic, mild & sensitive, non-irritation for formulators who desire versatile and innovative ingredients for oral/ dental health care. RE - ER® Prebiotic ToothPaste that's dental tonic is ideally suited for nourished, dentifrice, and mouthwash applications with Bio-clean and Host Modulation Concepts. It enables the formulation of a variety of clear, good-tasting, no chemical detergents [Sulfate free (SLS, SLEs, Sulfate-free)], no chemical preservatives and no synthetic dentifrice for new concepts in oral/ dental health care with homeostasis of oral microbiome according to "Ecological Plaque Hypothesis(EPH), 1994 Philip D. Marsh and Keystone Pathogens Hypothesis(KPH), Hajishengallis et al., 2012, for Oral/ Dental Disease".

Chocolate Toothpaste, Natural  toothpaste
No Chemical Surfactants, No Chemical Preservatives & No Abrasive
Solving oral/ dental problems correctly the results will be accurate.
Oral/ Dental problems mainly come from oral/ dental biofilm turning from a natural balance into an unbalanced “bad” biofilm (dysbiosis). Therefore the next logical step in guidelines for effective oral health care in modern times should be: Preventing the unbalanced dental biofilm. Mechanical cleaning is essential, but if we want to do more and more, prebiotics & probiotics seem to be the first choice.
   Enhanced Stable Natural Prebiotics & Booste Probiotics in the mouth

   Promote Antimicrobial Peptides-AMPs activities; AMPs play a key role in maintaining oral/ dental health 

RE - ER Natural Prebiotic Tooth Paste for 3 Balances in Oral/ Dental Health Care
Natural dentifrice/ tooth paste for tooth sensitivity, dissolve TarTar in 1-2 weeks (Anti-TarTar, Anti Dental Calculus), plaque control, fresh breath
not irritate oral mucosa, not interfere salivation
and booste innate immunity in oral cavity
Natural  toothpaste, Chocolate toothpaste
Can natural oral/ dental products provide effective cleaning, reduce dental plaque (oral/ dental biofilm) formation, dissolve dental calculas (tartar), de-sensitization with less abrasion of tooth surface and friendly with oral mucous membrane? ....Why would we care to switch?
Anything that you put in your mouth or on your skin goes into the blood stream so you want the products that you can use to be non-toxic and safe. Just as nitroglycerin works under the tongue, chemicals in mouth products are absorbed into the oral mucosa and travel throughout the body.
Bacteria from the teeth can affect the joints and the heart, that is why there are pre-medication guidelines for people with joint replacements and certain heart conditions. The link between cardiovascular disease and dental plaque has been well established. The oral pathogens linked to periodontal disease cause inflammation that can be linked to heart disease, according to periodontist Dr. Sally Cram, DDS, spokes person for the ADA.
Periodontitis and peri-implantitis are two major biofilm-induced inflammatory diseases that lead to the loss of teeth and oral implants if left untreated. These diseases are also associated with systemic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and be focal of infection in the mouth. Unfortunately, currently available treatments are not always successful, so innovative antibiofilm approaches need to be developed. The knowledgement of the human oral/ dental microbiomes in oral/ dental health and disease will open a new avenue for the development of more effective diagnosis, prevention and treatment of community-based oral/ dental diseases (dental caries, periodontitis, and halitosis) , contributing to personalized oral/ dental care in present.
+ Oral Microbes, Biofilms and Their Role in Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases , Lasserre Jérôme Frédéric, Brecx Michel and Toma Selena, Department of Periodontology, Université catholique de Louvain, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,Published: 22 September 2018 ,+ Microbial Interactions in Biofilms: Impacts on Homeostasis and Pathogenesis By Yung-Hua Li and Xiao-Lin Tian
Submitted: October 29th 2015Reviewed: March 8th 2016Published: July 13th 2016 , + Natural toothpaste and mouthwash for sensitivity and plaque control By Tawnya Ann Bobst RDH, BS, February 1, 2013 ,+ Saliva A review of its role in maintaining oral health and preventing dental disease Michael Dodds, Simon Roland, Michael Edgar & Martin Thornhill BDJ Team volume 2, Article number: 15123 (2015); Published: 25 September 2015

For Homeostasis of Oral Microbiome/ more and more importance in the mouth and whole body
Remineralization = Demineralization of Teeth in Dynamic Equilibrium
Booste innate immunity in the mouth and may contribute to the innate host defense against oral microbes and to oral/ dental health care. (Serve to modulate microbial colonization and maintain ecological balance)
RE - ER Genuine Prebiotic ToothPaste
Ingredients : OMEGA-3 (ω−3), ‘ Theobromine & Compound CBH ’ From Cocoa Bean Husk, Casein Phosphopeptide, Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, Bio Vanillin, Honey, Zingiberaceae Herbs, Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K 
: Menthol Liquid, Orange, Vanilla, Tea tree, Coriander, Neem, Spearmint, Coconut oil cold pressed, Wheat germ oil, Flaxeed oil, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Fleur De Sel (Salt Flower), Stevia Extract, Lou Hun Guo, Aloe vera Extract, Glycerine 
No Chemical Surfactants, No Chemical Preservatives & No Abrasive, Sulfate Free ( NO SLS, SLEs), Fluoride Free (Natural Fluoride From Dark Chcolate ), No artificial colors and flavors


Natural Ingredients of RE - ER Natural Prebiotic ToothPaste/ Natural Dentifrice 

Theobromine and Compound CBH 

contained in 'Dark Chocolate' improve enamel strength. Which can be used as a safe and efficient replacement of fluoride


100% Whole Honey

the beneficial effects of honey on dental and oral diseases can be attributed to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and antioxidant properties.  The use of honey can promote oral hygiene by preventing enamel
demineralization, ulcers, gingivitis and periodontitis as well as inhibit plaque formation after orthodontic treatment.


Bio-vanillin, Natural Vanillin 

+ Immuno-modulator in Gingivitis and Periodontitis
+ Powerful Antioxidant and Redox Balance in Chronic Inflammation Site ..Gingivitis, Periodontitis 
+ Natural Perioceutic Agent


Casein Phosphopeptide-amorphous Calcium Phosphate

Prevents tooth decay through the mechanism of Tooth Remineralization and Tooth Demineralization,To be in a balanced exchange state.
also helps reduce tooth sensitivity and inhibit the bacteria on the tooth surface as well.


Zingiberaceae Herbs

Contains antioxidants that help reduce the severity of gingivitis and periodontal disease. also helps maintain the balance of Homeostasis of Oral Microbiome.


Arginine Amino Acid & Fatty Acid (Omega 3, 6) 

Arginine can neutralize biofilm pH and als inhibit the caries process.

Fatty Acid help reduce inflammation. also adjust the quality and amount of saliva, Resulting in an effective prevention of various oral diseases

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