Ointment are used topically for several purposes

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Ointment are used topically for several purposes

Ointments are used topically for several purposes, e.g., as protectant, antiseptics, emollients, antipruritic, kerotolytic, tattoo during & aftercare process and astringents. The vehicle or base of an ointment is of prime importance if the finished product is expected to function as any one of the above categories.

In the case of a protective ointment, it serves to protect the skin against moisture, air, sun rays and other external factors. It is necessary that the ointment neither penetrates the human skin barriers nor facilitates the absorption of substances through this barrier.

An antiseptic ointment is used to destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Frequently bacterial infections are deeply seated; a base which has the capacity to either penetrate or dissolve and release the medication effectively is therefore desired. Ointments used for their emollient effect should be easy to apply, be non-greasy and effectively penetrate the skin.


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