The reason why your new Tattoo is peeling off.

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The reason why your new Tattoo is peeling off.

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Why your new Tattoo is peeling off ?
Tattooing is the insertion of ink into the skin by using a needle with an incessant stab. it makes your outer layer of skin cells (epidermis) is dead, dry and finally peels off with the excess ink. but the ink which inserted into the Dermis will not peel away.

In fact, all of this process are not the bad things. it is the normally natural wound healing process.

However, after the skin is peeling off, it doesn't mean the healing process is complete. this process will continually heal by itself for about 2 - 4 weeks.

Caring your tattoo with the appropriate knowledge about skin and wound healing is the best tips.

  •  Continually moisturize your skin properly 

In the first week, You need to continually moisturize your skin by using Moist Exposed Tattoo Ointment product or an ointment which can make your skin getting enough oxygen.


  •  Getting an antioxidant

Getting an antioxidant to get rid of free radicals that caused by cells from the immune system to sparing the damaging effects of an oxidation reaction on other molecules and tissues.


  •  Fatty acids and vitamin D3 can completely restore the skin cells.

The fatty acid is an essential micronutrient to restore the skin cells which can satisfactory cooperate with Vitamin D3. consequently, it's important to get a decent sunlight to produce vitamin D3 in the epidermis.


  • Avoiding excessive Sun Protection Factor product.

Do not adhere to the high Sun Protection Factor(SPF) but do adhere to the Antioxidant Protection Factor [APF].
Moreover, you should avoid applying the product that blocks the UVB, Because the UVB is important to produce vitamin D3 on the skin.

Understanding these physiological processes and wound healing will help you get the best results. besides, you can also use this knowledge for any other injured skin, not only for tattoo.

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